We are experts in aluminum accessories
for kitchen and bathroom furniture,
and in fronts of sliding and folding door cabinets.

Mecalde 2 is a company specialized in the manufacture of aluminum accessories for home furniture, and in sliding and folding door cabinet fronts.

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Mecalde 2

We are an  expert company in solutions for home furniture, and in sliding and folding doors for the front cabinet / closet.

Our collection of accessories for kitchen furniture covers items as diverse as the tops (7 models), the more than 8 different types of skirting boards,  in PVC + aluminum and in solid aluminum, the accessories (cover, union and extension) for the the most up-to-date countertops and also for the countertops that time never passes,  More than 6 profiles for showcase doors, the various “gola” decorative profiles for base and tall units, the ventilation grilles attached to the electrical devices, etc.

For the front cabinets / closet  we have more than 15 profiles for sliding door (for boards of 10mm, 16mm and 19mm) and an attractive and robust profile for folding door for 16mm boards with which you can combine two different shades of front board of cabinet / closet as  a main element of design, elegance and imagination in the bedroom

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Mecalde 2


At Mecalde 2 we have been working for more than 10 years in more than 7 countries throughout Europe, America, Oceania and Asia. We have a flexible commercial network adapted to the 21st century.